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Genealogy is about family, the past, and the struggle of our ancestors. But our future is important as well. As a genealogist, I know how important family is. For this reason, I chose to display the following banner on my page. It doesn't fit the style of my page, it's a jave code that makes my page take longer to load, but it's the single most important thing I have on my site so I hope you'll take moment to look at some of these photos and think of these children. They are our future and someone's family.

In loving memory of my daughter, Vanessa Leigh Williams
Help save our children.
A special thanks to Tripod for their participation and permission.

Family Heirlooms

     My research is dedicated to my family, past, present and future, because
a person could never ask for greater treasures than love, home, and family.

The Family Resting Place

This is the place to find my genealogy data information, that of some of my 'cousins', and the homepages of a few of my closest family members.

Links I've found Invaluable

Here you'll find some of my favorite genealogy sites.

My homepage was created with the desire to share my research with other genealogists and family members. This site may be freely linked to but not duplicated in any way without my knowledge.

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